This Volunteer’s Week Muscular Dystrophy UK want to send out a special thank you to all our wonderful volunteers. Andy is a part of our someone to talk to networks, and volunteers his time with Muscular Dystrophy UK speaking to others affected by muscle-wasting conditions and offering support and advice based on his own personal experience.

My name is Andy and I am 30 years old. I was diagnosed nine years ago with limb girdle muscular dystrophy type 2a and there was next to no support at the time, which is part of the reason I began volunteering three years ago in order to support others going through the same thing. The network gives me the opportunity to advise in certain areas and to give support where I didn’t have it in the past.

Andy has been through the process of claiming for PIP twice and been successful both times, he is very confident on the process and has often given advice to individuals on their own claims.

The network that MDUK have set up is amazing, I’m able to talk people through the PIP process, how to word answers and what to expect from the assessments, hopefully easing any concerns they may have.

One person Andy supported has said:

Really informative, a lot of good things have come from my advice from Andy. I was able to claim PIP which has led on to so many more benefits for me. Not only that though it’s been great to connect with others affected by muscular dystrophy, it makes you feel less isolated.


Volunteering was a very easy choice for me and has been very rewarding, having lived with the condition it’s like knowing all the answers to a quiz!


But most of all we want to say a huge thank you to Andy and all our other volunteers who support other families living with muscle-wasting conditions.


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