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This information library is where you can find all the information which you and other young people might find useful. There are factsheets and top tips on all sorts of subjects but if you want the full list of absolutely everything you can find that here.

Transition is when you move from children’s to adults services. Our leaflet explaining more about what this means can be found here:

  • Making a move: transitioning from Children’s to Adults services (coming soon)

If you are not sure if you’re ready for transition, why not take a look at our care plan. The care plan is designed to be filled in by a person with a muscle-wasting condition and the various health professionals you see. If you feel confident in filling this in and asking for help with it, you might be on your way to moving to adults services

Healthcare professionals who specialise in neuromuscular conditions often work within a multi-disciplinary team (or MDT). It is the MDT who should be responsible for your care and this video below explains what healthcare and support you are entitled to:

To find your nearest neuromuscular centre you can take a look at our interactive map. The map lists where all the centres are as well as the key members of staff who are there to support you.

Getting about and being independent can be as scary as it is exciting – especially when you have a neuromuscular condition. But you have lots of options in moving forward and there are different ways of getting some extra support if you need it

There is lots of financial support available to help both people who can work and people who can’t. Whatever your needs are, financial independence shouldn’t have to be difficult.

Our Trailblazers network campaign to make sure that disabled young people get the rights they are entitled to. They have therefore put together a whole range of reports that they use to influence decision makers and make sure that you get a fair deal.

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