English Powerchair Football Season 2017/18 Preview

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Kai Gill
Powerchair Football
Two powerchair footballers in action

This weekend the iconic noises of Powerchair football re-enters the Lee Westwood Sports Centre at Nottingham Trent University for the return of the Muscular Dystrophy UK Premiership. The following week will see the Muscular Dystrophy UK Championship 2017/18 kick-off and the top two tiers of Powerchair Football in England will all be underway.

Muscular Dystrophy UK Premiership:
The twelve teams who have gained their place in the new premiership season will all have been working hard as ever preparing for the first round on Saturday 16 September. I can only imagine training in preseason for the premiership will have been tough – especially for those who are wanting to be crowned champions.

This upcoming season will see two new sides enter the competition who both deservedly gained promotion from the Championship division. St George Knights and Sale United PFC entertained the spectators last season with excellent skills and passing on show. The two clubs will be wanting to gain a strong position within the table but will be expecting a tougher season compared to the Championship.

As a player who casts an eye on the Premiership fixtures and table, I know how fantastic this upcoming season will be. The Premiership sides will be showing each game why they want to be crowned champions, but only one side can. I wouldn’t want to say who will be the champions but, I’m predicting a different club to previous years.

If you’re wanting to watch this fantastic sport being played at the highest level within the country make sure you’re at the Lee Westwood Centre at Nottingham Trent University on Saturday 16t and Sunday 17 September at 9:15am.

Muscular Dystrophy UK Championship:

The twelve teams who will be competing in the new championship season will be coming to the end of their preseason preparations. There will be selection headaches for coaching staff and aches and tiredness from players. As a player, the extra-long training sessions are made worthwhile as soon as the referee blows the whistle for the first match.

This upcoming campaign will see three new sides in the competition all tackling for top of the table positions. Powerchair football will be even more exciting this year with many players settled into their new chairs bringing the sport more alive.

All eyes will be on last season’s relegated Premiership sides Sevenoaks, and Bolton who will be hoping to gain promotion back up to the top tier of the competitions in England. Meanwhile, South West All Stars will be wanting to fight for the top spot after, sadly losing in last season’s playoff finals.

For my team, East Riding Electric Eels, we are certainly wanting to continue to improve our league positions from previous seasons. We  had a brilliant preseason and we are all very excited for the upcoming campaign. As the team captain, I’ve been really impressed with the intensity and commitment made from my team-mates so far. I say this after every preseason, but this one has definitely been hard.

Muscular Dystrophy UK and I will be providing updates on the season throughout the next eight months. If you fancy a change from your local football club and seeing this growing sport in action, come down to the Lee Westwood Sports Centre at Nottingham Trent University on either 16, 17, 23 or 24 September.

To have a taste of the game join former England captain Sam Bull, who now works at the Wheelchair Football Association at our National Conference in Birmingham on 7 October.

To get involved in Powerchair football visit the Wheelchair Football Association website to find your local club.

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