New partnership with Muscular Dystrophy Association New Zealand on GP training

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Lloyd Tingley
Bridging the Gap

Muscular Dystrophy UK is now working with the Muscular Dystrophy Association New Zealand to launch our GP eLearning module to a new international audience.

Since its launch in early 2015, over 800 UK GPs have taken our training module which aims to teach them on the common signs and symptoms to look out for before making a referral for a specialist diagnosis. Families, individuals and specialist healthcare teams have all been promoting the module in various ways and it has been well received by the GPs who have taken it.

Because of its popularity and usefulness, the Muscular Dystrophy Association New Zealand has asked for the content to be opened up to to their GPs too. At the moment only GPs registered with the Royal College of General Practitioners have permission to view the course but with this new partnership, the content will be updated and made available internationally for the first time

Nic Bungay, Director of Campaigns Care and Information at Muscular Dystrophy UK said

“We know that with these rare conditions there can be difficulty getting a quick and safe diagnosis with many generalist or community healthcare professionals not understanding the symptoms or warnings to look out for.

We are therefore very pleased to be working with other muscular dystrophy charities so that we can share knowledge and resources for the mutual benefit of everyone with a muscle wasting condition”

Ronelle Baker, Chief Executive of MDANZ said:

“We are really impressed by the work being done by Muscular Dystrophy UK to improve the skills of health professionals working with people with neuromuscular conditions.  This work is ground-breaking and we are so pleased that we are working together to ensure that GPs in New Zealand will have access to this best practice resource.”

In addition to our GP module, our Outreach, Commissioning and Professional Development team are reaching out and working internationally more than ever before to train and up-skill health professionals.

As part of our Mental Health Matters campaign we will be holding a psychological support workshop to share learning and experience on a European level at the European NeuroMuscular centre. We also hold prominent positions within the newly formed European Reference Network and are working with TREAT-NMD and the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention on making sure the new Duchenne Care guidelines are accredited by NICE

If you would like any more information on how we support health professionals please get in touch with Lloyd Tingley at or on 020 7803 4804.

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