Trailblazers launch new Campaigns Ambassadors

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Lauren West
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Today, Trailblazers launch a new initiative. Trailblazers campaign on social justice issues that affect young disabled people. To continue our ability to grow campaigns and make a positive difference, we have decided it to create new Campaigns Ambassador roles. For each of our campaigns, we will have a dedicated ambassador who will work to take forward the campaign. The ambassador will write blogs, do media work and raise awareness.

We have so far recruited for Campaigns Ambassadors for: Public Transport, Higher Education, Employment, Housing, Tourism and Driving. We will be publishing blogs by the successful ambassadors over the coming weeks so do keep a look at.

For now, here’s a quote by one of our new ambassadors summing up our aim for the future:

We are trying to shape access to where society feel they don’t have to compromise, and we feel we don’t need to fight just to get on with our day, just as they are. Inclusion for all. Not special treatment.


Would you like to become on our Campaigns Ambassadors? Email Trailblazers for more information.

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