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Lauren West
Manchester Trailblazers Lunch shot

On Saturday, Trailblazers from the north of England gathered in Manchester for their first event of the year.

We started the day with a workshop by Trailblazer Carrie-Ann Lightly who is our Tourism Ambassador . Carrie-Ann shared some useful tips for planning an accessible holiday. We discussed what more can be done generally to make tourism more accessible. We also talked about the need for more hoists in hotels which is something Trailblazers are currently investigating.

Our second session of the day was run by Trailblazer David Ellis who works for Great Manchester Police. David spoke about it his job and how it is working for the police when you have a muscle wasting condition. We also heard from David’s Sergeant Clare who spoke about managing someone with muscular dystrophy. David explained how Greater Manchester Police are keen on employing individual’s from minority backgrounds to increase diversity and more accurately represent the community they serve. It was interesting to hear a positive story of being employed as a disabled person.

We finished the day with a campaigns ideas session where we all imagined some things we’d like to see in 10 years’ time. Ideas included changing places toilets becoming the mainstream accessible toilets, the ability to travel in your wheelchair on a plane and the creation of more neuromuscular centres.

Trailblazers Manager, Lauren West, said:

This was a really great event and it was fantastic to see some new faces. The two guest speakers were excellent and really helped facilitate an interesting discussion around a variety of topics. It is always great to visit the North West as every Trailblazer is passionate to see a change happen and they have that drive. I look forward to returning soon.

North West Trailblazer, Fiona Anderson, said:

I found the event well put together and enjoyed the workshops put on by Carrie-Ann on tourism and David Ellis’s informative talk on being in the police force with MD. Guest speakers are definitely the highlight to these events and what makes me look forward to going and hearing about. I’m very excited for the next North West meet-up and the people it’ll bring with it!

If you’d like to attend a Trailblazers event, please check out our event page.

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