Trailblazers tackle live music in Facebook Q&A

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Michaela Hollywood
Lauren Hyde Park Festival

Last week, Trailblazers held their latest Facebook Q&A.  This time, the focus was on accessing live music events, and we were joined by Martin Austin of Nimbus and The Access Card.

Martin has experience in training and advising live music venues of best practice.  He works with everything from buying tickets to being able to access the bar at the venue as a disabled person.

During the chat, we had questions from Trailblazers ranging from why disabled people have to book by phone in many cases rather than online to the finer points of seating arrangements inside the venue.

Martin was quick to encourage our Trailblazers to work with their local venues to improve access, and offered many pieces of useful advice including guidelines for best practice and accessibility.

We know from our Access All Areas? report that young disabled people find it difficult to attend live music events without barriers.  2 in 3 young disabled people felt at a substantial disadvantage when booking their tickets, while half of young disabled people said that facilities inside venues were not suitable for their needs.

Trailblazers Campaigns Officer Michaela Hollywood said:

Martin and our Trailblazers will continue to work together on improving access to live music.  We know some progress has been made, but there is still some way to go.

Many young disabled people feel that being able to experience live music with their friends and family is part of their identity.  We believe that disabled people should be able to enjoy all the thrills and spills of life without barriers.

We will continue to push for changes to make sure that disabled people can enjoy live music events.

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