“Someone who is newly-diagnosed with a rare condition like myasthenia gravis wants to see someone who is living with the condition and enjoying life.” Amanda Hayes, Kent

Disorders of the neuromuscular junction

Disorders of the neuromuscular junction, also known as myasthenic disorders, are conditions where the electric signal from the nerve to the muscle is disrupted in some way, leading to muscle weakness and fatigue. About 10,500 people in the UK have a form of myasthenic disorder.

Myasthenic disorders are categorised into two groups:

Congenital myasthenic syndromes are inherited conditions. They are caused by mutations in the genes that play an important role in the transmission of the signal from the nerve to the muscle. Although the symptoms of congenital myasthenic syndromes are similar to those of myasthenia gravis, the treatments available for myasthenia gravis cannot be used for them.


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