Muscular Dystrophy UK has worked alongside a range of specialist health professionals to develop a care plan that can be completed by yourself and your neuromuscular clinicians. This care plan can then be shown to any health professional and helps them to give a tailored approach to your healthcare.

The care plan is designed to be filled in by a person with a muscle-wasting condition and the various health professionals you see. This may include a consultant neurologist, neuromsuscular care advisor, occupational therapist, physiotherapist as well as cardiac and respiratory specialists.

The care plan includes important information including:

  • background information on you and your daily routines
  • contact details of your consultants, care advisors and GP
  • details about your neuromuscular condition
  • the medicines you use
  • cardiac, respiratory and anesthetic management (where appropriate)

Of course you will need to update your care plan from time to time so it may be useful to order extra pages to replace some sections at your next appointment. You can do this by calling our freephone helpline 0800 652 6352 or emailing

The care plan is a new resource which we are happy to receive feedback on from health professionals and people with muscle-wasting conditions so please do get in touch if you have any comments.

To receive your care plan or get extra pages for the care plan please fill in the form below: 

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