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Gemma Rose

Talking to someone with a first hand understanding of living with a muscle-wasting condition can make a difference.  We are here to provide emotional support and practical advice. We’ve been through it ourselves so know just what you might need.

Gemma Rose, Advocacy Ambassador

People we know who are living with muscle-wasting conditions have told us how helpful it is to talk to somebody who knows what it’s really like. Somebody who has been through the same sorts of things as you.

So we have set up a number of ways to help you do just that. From our online forum to our local Muscle Groups and our Advocacy Ambassadors, there are hundreds of people who want to help – and who really do understand.

Talk to our peer support volunteers

We have a number of peer support volunteers, people who understand what you are going through, no matter how rare the condition. We can introduce you to one of them so that you can contact them confidentially to talk about how you are feeling. Get in touch to find out more or fill in the form below and we will get in touch.

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    We'd love to share updates with you about MDUK work, opportunities to take part in events and other ways to help beat muscle-wasting conditions.

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