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  • Equality: Let’s Act!

    When a small business owner looks at you from the top of two steps to a doorway with a confused expression and says “We’ve never had anyone come in here and ask for a ramp before,” and doesn’t understand why that’s funny, something needs to change.

  • Our visit to Sensory Guru

    With my condition, my hands and arms are relatively weak, so Eye Gaze can enable me to continue to use my equipment such as my laptop, tablet, etc, even when my arms get tired.

  • The benefits of technology

    I think the next technology should be google driverless cars, because I believe it will help disabled people who are unable to use adapted driver controls for people with duchenne muscular dystrophy or other muscle wasting conditions.

  • Minister for Equalities

    A blog asking questions about Theresa May, the new Minister for Equalities

  • Leisure

    Well, where to start?   Firstly I’m sorry that I’ve not been visibly active on the site for a while.

  • Fame! I wanna live forever…

    Hey Trailblazers!

    Just a quick blog to say thank you to everyone who took part in an interview for us today.  You’ve helped Trailblazers to get a massive amount of media coverage all across the nation.

  • Hydrotherapy and you

    Hey all

    So, I was at an APPG in Parliament yesterday and a question came up about the benefits of hydrotherapy.

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