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Phil Packer, sports personality of the Year winner, Iraq Veteran, campaigner and fundraiser, he also finished the Marathon last year in 14 days, this year he was trying to inspire and raise awareness for 26 different charities whilst walking the London Marathon and it is about 16-25 year olds all with different capabilities and incredible stories to share.  So he had 26 different representatives from the 26 charities to walk 1 mile with him around the course to keep him motivated.

So when I got asked three months ago, to represent the Muscular-dystrophy campaign at the London Marathon, I agreed to do this as 1 mile wasn’t very far, in till reality hit, that i haven’t been in my wheelchair for a mile in a very long time.  I went home and did a mile, which was tough for me and an NHS wheelchair that was 10 years old, but i managed.

To the lead up of the Marathon I got to meet Phil Packer at MDC of which he is a very inspiring man, he knows what he wants to do in life and that is to help young adults and war heroes like himself, who have served there country and not gained much support for the work they have done, and to help young adults which will be hard with everybody having different requirements, but this trust will help use with support and freedom we all require, The British Inspiration Trust (BRIT)  He really is inspirational!

The Big day arrived the Marathon was on course, a tad rainy in the morning but all our runners did an amazing job, they all finished raising huge amounts of money, I had cheered for 6 hours and was tired already, so with the help of food, energy drinks and some very deluded events members it turned out to be a good night!

Mile 16, 11pm at night in a windy and dodgy Isle Of Dogs, my supporters and I meet a tired but still cheery Phil Packer and his team, we got ready for our mile, but took a detour to the fire station, a very nice surprise, which certainly lifted my supporters moral!  They were fantastic and nice of the fire brigade to come with use and I love the fire engine!  We finished our mile in 25 minutes which surprised me at how quick it took and it felt not very far, which was good as we were all very tired and not in the best place to be by ourselves at night!  Off to bed by 1 which was nice, shame about the early morning!

Monday the 26th the night after, went to the last 365 yards, with my supporters all looking worse for wear, or so we seemed!,  Phil looking quite cheery after the 26 mile, a rest done him some good, we all finished the last 365 yards with him, which was an emotional experience, of which he came and gave the 26 representatives a hug which showed how much we supported him and what he just achieved. 

We met many people including Ben Fogle, he was a very nice man and cheered me up so much by saying how fresh we looked even though we had little sleep, made my day, just didn’t realise how much make-up I used  to cover the bags under my eyes!

The Presentation was good, each got presented the shoes phil packer wore he had Muscular-dystrophy campaign on the back of the trainers so we can auction them off and a certificate presented by Richard Branson’s daughter Holly, after the presentation it was time to go home.

On reflection on how much i have and what i’ve achieved not just for the marathon but also about my life, Muscular-dystrophy campaign and trailblazers has been apart of what i have achieved which i am so grateful for and has given me so many opportunities which i will always remember.  So thank-you to everyone for the support and encouragement you have given me to go on and do bigger and better things in the future








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