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Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland. Photo by Diogo Palhais on Unsplash

A new virtual travel experience, from Limitless Travel, invites anyone in the MDUK community to book hour-long interactive video sessions, hosted by expert guides. These Zoom calls give guests a travel opportunity through video and pictures.

Whether it’s an hour strolling through Paris, excavating Pompeii ruins with an archaeologist or meditating with a Buddhist nun, these are very realistic tours.

We are invited to use book a ticket  through the website with a 40% reduction by using this code: MDUKLIMITLESS.

Our regular columnist, Emily Bonner, who lives with Limb Girdle muscular dystrophy, trialed the tours and was on the edge of her seat, or sofa!  She has even written postcards to friends.

Read on.

Hi fellow MDUK members,

We started off our tour on the right foot – it was Jeff’s birthday and he was on the Prosecco before noon!

Mark was our guide as we travelled from the cliffs of Howth down to Dublin – it was so good to be back after 9 years of not visiting the Emerald Isle and the craic was good. We made sure not to fall to our death on the cliff paths, railings aren’t a thing over here and if you lose your footing due to taking a selfie then it’s your own silly fault.

Sadly Howth Castle wasn’t open as it’s recently been brought up by a developer, however we did get a sneak peak inside one of the towers as Mark threaded his selfie stick through and gave us a 360. See forward thinking with the old arrow slits! Very dilapidated and no floors. Then we passed King George IV footsteps (who apparently arrived drunk after celebrating his wife’s demise) en-route to the cemetery.

Fancy a horror story?
A few years ago during bad weather, the cemetery wall collapsed and out fell some coffins and bodies. They piled up along with the loose earth against an apartment blocks’ ground floor windows. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to that! You’d think it was the walking dead!

On a lighter note onto Dublin although it was less lively than I remembered. We saw some fondly remembered sites all  which I knew the nicknames to – the tart with the cart, the floozie in the jacuzzi and the I learnt a couple of new names for the stiletto in the ghetto!

At the castle we learnt that three drunken teens were basically responsible for “The Troubles” and on a bridge that is wider than it is long how a joke plaque was instated and left, which has given me ideas. We wouldn’t get away with it over here.

We also discovered Barack O’Bama is Irish and his bombproof car ‘The Beast’ was actually grounded by an Irish road. Says it all really!

Got to love their sense of humour right up me street it is. Our tour ended with George having a jar in Temple Bar, so I feel a poem coming on.

Lots of love



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