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Charles Bridge, Prague. Photo by Dmitry Goykolov on Unsplash

A new virtual travel experience, from Limitless Travel, invites anyone in the MDUK community to book hour-long interactive video sessions, hosted by expert guides. These Zoom calls give guests a travel opportunity through video and pictures.

Whether it’s an hour strolling through Paris, excavating Pompeii ruins with an archaeologist or meditating with a Buddhist nun, these are very realistic tours.

We are invited to use book a ticket  through the website with a 40% reduction by using this code: MDUKLIMITLESS.

Our regular columnist, Emily Bonner, who lives with Limb Girdle muscular dystrophy, trialed the tours and was on the edge of her seat, or sofa!  She has even written postcards to friends.

Read on.

Hi fellow MDUK members,

So today we walked the streets of Prague by candlelight, doing something a little bit different.

David led us around – he is the ‘Plague Doctor of Prague’ and I must say his attire although scary but also really cool, and is quite apt given today’s situation. His wife encourages him to go shopping in it – 1.For protection and 2. Because people would give him an extra wide berth!

Trouble is he couldn’t see all that well and kept knocking into things, and then some drunk bachelors came out of a club and tried to steal the mask, after asking for selfies. Luckily the Doc carries a stick, meant for poking the afflicted but also good at fighting off the drunk!

Talking of drink – we are advised to drink 3l pints of beer a day and not to touch the water, and the beer must be infused with as much garlic!

We started off on Charles Bridge and walked through the old town getting shaken up on the cobbles and learning along the way that like an avocado you must cut the Plague buboes when ripe!  This tour is not for the fainthearted and I’ll never look at an avo in the same way again…

There are a lot of statues in Prague.
We passed a Kafka statue (like the plague he is everywhere) and then we learnt of the Black Knight! The Czech’s like to say they invented Batman and while the Black Knight has no face he apparently definitely existed. The story is about being turned to stone after killing his fiancé, who was seeing someone else – don’t quote me by this point I was wasted on garlic beer!

There was also another statue of whom I can’t remember (see told you, wasted!) but I was pretty amused by this one and thought  he looked like the love child of Churchill and Elvis!
Other than that and throwing politicians gently out the window we had a grand old time, winding up at St Francis hospital – a place we were reassured not to go if sick as we wouldn’t get back out alive!

Lots of love




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