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Cherry blossom tress in Tokyo. Photo by Agathe Marty on Unsplash

A new virtual travel experience, from Limitless Travel, invites anyone in the MDUK community to book hour-long interactive video sessions, hosted by expert guides. These Zoom calls give guests a travel opportunity through video and pictures.

Whether it’s an hour strolling through Paris, excavating Pompeii ruins with an archaeologist or meditating with a Buddhist nun, these are very realistic tours.

We are invited to use book a ticket  through the website with a 40% reduction by using this code:  MDUKLIMITLESS.

Our regular columnist, Emily Bonner, who lives with Limb Girdle muscular dystrophy, trialed the tours and was on the edge of her seat, or sofa!  She has even written postcards to friends.

Read on.

Hi fellow MDUK members,

Today we spent a whole day in Tokyo, along with another 38 million souls!

We opted to have a leisurely traditional breakfast of miso soup, omelette and rice to avoid the rush hour. Can you believe the guards actually push people into trains when the doors can’t close due to the sheer amount of people. Crazy!

Our guide Jun was waiting at the infamous Hachiko statue. We learned of Hachiko’s story, a lot of Japanese meet there as the dog in question waited for 10 years (so what is half an hour if one is late?).
Then it was on to a temple where you can get your temple passport stamped with an unique stamp. I love how the pages concertina out, so very pretty. I would love to fill a book with stamps.
The best bit was after lunch though, in fact I gave that a miss – it was too fishy for my liking!

Micro pig cafe! I loved the piggy’s but am really keen to go to the Owl Cafe next as they are my favourite creature. We briefly passed a cat Cafe and my puss puss made an appearance and gave everyone a large yawn, she’s such a tart. Jun suggested I purchase bunny ear headgear for her, it’s a thing apparently. And OMG the sushi cat toys that I got out of the vending machine are hilarious – literary a cat laying on sushi rice, cracked me up.

Jun was impressed I knew what Wasabi looked like, so we tasted it fresh! No spice at all. Dinner was a bit awkward shall we say, as I couldn’t get down onto the floor let alone back up again, so we ended the day slurping ramen as loudly as possible, learning chopstick etiquette and how they represent the temple gate  – and so should be laid horizontal.

We give thanks to the cook and thanks to nature for providing. Then finished with Saki in wooden squares before crashing out on the metro in an un-orderly fashion.

Kan pai!

Lots of love




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