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Dear fellow MDUK members

Today we went on a street art tour of Athens with Thomas and Kalliopi to see the alternative side to the city.

What can I say? I really, really enjoyed it! This is totally my thing.
The picture in the postcard is by Ino, He’s a Greek visual artist, very active in the street scene,

He only paints in these colours and the blue represents blood. According to the explanation of this work of art, this chap is so wrapped up in money he doesn’t realise he is dying from hepatitis!

This was just one of the stories we learnt about behind many paintings, as Thomas and Kalliopi are friends with the artists.

These guides were ‘street smart’ clever too – taking me down the backstreets and away from the more touristy parts of town! Athens reminds me more of an Asian city than a European one.

Can’t wait to explore more!

Lots of love


Our regular columnist, Emily Bonner, who lives with limb girdle muscular dystrophy, has been on a virtual trip to Athens as one of eight virtual holidays which she has been trialling for Limitless Travel. The virtual trips are not currently available but will be soon.

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