A week volunteering with Trailblazers

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It started out as an eventful volunteering session at the MDC office, after being inducted into the office life and meeting others there,   I jumped straight in to calling our Northern Ireland fellow Trailblazers to invite them to their Belfast regional meeting .

This was followed by a bit of data input from some surveys people had filled in recently about housing, hate crime and the cinema. I also had the chance to write a few articles about our most recent APPG and Jon Hastie’s film “A Life worth living”, which was screened at Portcullis House on Tuesday the 10th of July. The evening was great with many MPs and trailblazers turning up to show their support. 

It was an interesting experience working in the big smoke for someone who is normally surrounded by trees and animals. 

A few weeks ago I had been filmed for an interview on housing which was shown on look north, unfortunately no one had seen it including myself. After some magical IT work had been performed we at the MDC office were able to watch it,   Bobby even had to stop eating his lunch, we were so eager to show him.

It was exciting to learn how the article system works; I even got to see a few of my own pieces of work on the MDC website.

All in all an exciting experience that I would happily repeat should I ever be invited back to the MDC office.  I would defiantly recommend   it to any of you wanting to volunteer   do something worth while!



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