Busy few days for Trailblazers

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Norman Baker MP joins Trailblazers at the launch of End of the Line report in May 2009

It has been a busy few days for Trailblazers campaigns and activities, and the great news is that external organisations are listening to Trailblazers experiences, opinions and recommendations.

On Friday, Trailblazers in London were invited to Disability Action Islington where the council were looking for recent graduates to share opinions, hints and tips about the basic level of accessible accommodation. Trailblazers shared findings from the University Challenge 2013 report, together with some information and advice from our Housing Campaign of 2011which some of you may recall was entitled Locked Out. At the event we met some young people and they are now interested in getting involved with our campaigning!

On Saturday, South West Trailblazers met in Taunton, Somerset and discussed recent and upcoming campaigns, together with Trailblazer Steve Ledbrook’s recent feat to climb the O2 Arena in London to raise money and awareness into challenges accessing live music! We also met with the Inclusion Manager for First Great Westerm Trains who took considerable time out of his Saturday afternoon to hear concerns, comments, experiences and recommendations to improve access to disabled rail passengers. Trailblazers from across the South West- some of whom could not attend-had the opportunity to get involved and shared ongoing challenges, together with some recommendations dating back to 2009 which were voiced in our End of the Line report.

On Monday, Trailblazers met with at the Centre of Accessible Environments (CAE) near Fleet Street and found out more about their work surrounding Changing Places toilets. We also shared news on our upcoming campaign on High streets which we are currently working on where they will feature.

I really believe all your hard work and continued dedication to campaigns is being recognised on many levels, by many different people. Each ambassador who gets involved in any shape or form is making a real difference. Your advice, expertise and recommendations are really being valued.

To find out more, and to get involved in our ongoing, current and upcoming campaigns please get in touch!



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