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Emily Bonner has completed a 21-day yoga challenge on Zoom – which she accidentally got into after signing up her sister, who unlike Emily does not live with a muscular dystrophy condition.

Here she describes the challenges and also how she has built her ability.

Knowing she’d really enjoy it, I signed my sister up first as she’s the unaffected one, and then as an after thought I joined up too so I could watch her practice.

On day 2 my plan to spy on her on the Zoom app was short-lived as so many people were joining and leaving her screen kept moving around and I kept losing her!

But then I decided to join in as I could adapt the practice fairly easily at this point whilst seated.

I’ve not done chair yoga for quite some time, the first column I ever wrote was on that, but I got to a point where getting off your typical village hall chair was too much of a struggle and now impossible without help.

So there I was flailing about on my gaming chair which is set at a good height for me to get on and off – even if I do have to flop myself over the back of the sofa and push upwards with all me might.

I got to a point where I couldn’t adapt the moves anymore, so I’m sitting there thinking what to do when I hear the yogi master’s voice “Emily! You not joining us, no?” I started laughing as it was said in a half serious half joking way and shook my head wildly and then I thought, ‘ actually yes I am going to join in.’ So I shuffled onto the floor where I could better adapt the asana. I don’t like getting onto the floor as it’s a mission to get back up but I was motivated! Out of 600 plus people worldwide I was called out – ’ typical that! Big Brother, I thought I was safe.

So everyday since I’ve decided to get my bum onto the floor and adapt the yoga where possible.

I’ve attempted to time lapse each session as well but sometimes my GoPro likes to shut itself off – it probably can’t cope looking at me “butchering” the yoga.  The video acts as a proof of practice and it’s quite rewarding for me watching it back and seeing some sort of movement.

I always used to be able to do the lotus position but recently I had trouble keeping one foot up whilst I grabbed the other. However this week I managed it again by holding one foot with one hand whilst chucking the other foot up on my lap with the free hand. It wasn’t all that comfortable but I smiled through the pain as that is what we are taught!

I’m blessed with some flexibility even if I lack the strength. I am determined to build each day though and now I’m kind of addicted to it! I still feel a little deflated when I can’t haul my leg over my shoulder for example but when I can manage another pose I’m like yeah this is so so cool!

So there’s me shuffling around on the floor every lunch time wearing a hole in the carpet no doubt, sometimes with my leg in the air which would make any passerby wonder what the heck is going on when all they can see is an upturned foot in the window!



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