Experiences of Trailblazing part one

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Before October 2008 I had been looking for work but found not much luck in doing so, this made me feel quite down. I’d spent a couple of years dwelling on the fact I have muscular dystrophy, in fact most of the time I was worrying what people thought of the way I walk and just not being open about the issue. I finally got the courage in October to change my point of view so I contacted the MDC head office to see what guidance I could get. This was a very useful thing as we arranged a time and date to start my work experience. My first day in the office wasn’t a bad experience as everybody here was and still are friendly which helped me fit in. Also, I met James who has a similar condition to myself. This happened to be the first time I had met somebody who had experienced issues that I could relate to which gave me a confidence boost. Since I have been helping out here at the head office I’ve given a few ideas of how to raise awareness to the various teams, which I hope to put in place in 2009. I’ve also called up people from around the country to recruit them as Trailblazers. Since helping here I’ve found the whole thing an enjoyable experience and I’m looking forward to getting more involved in Trailblazers next year

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