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Since starting University, aside from Taxi’s, the other modes of public transport I rely on (if accompanied by a friend) are buses. Since receiving my renewed Freedom Pass and the documents, one issue that’s become more apparent is the use of the card after 11pm.

TFL states “You can use it between 09:00 and 23:00 on weekdays and at any time on weekends and public holidays.”

Even though this is great for weekends and public holidays, it seems a bit inconvenient for students living away from University (private housing or living at home) and anyone wanting to use public transport late at night.

I’m not sure if the time limits are the same as previous years, perhaps as I’ve started University and most socialising or parties at the student union begin at 10pm, its never been an issue before, but as I still live at home it is increasingly difficult to stay and socialise with friends when I have a time limited constantly bugging me at the back of my mind. Student Finance Taxi supports the hours to and from University – excluding extremely late hours. Will I be able to get home tonight without the use of the Student Taxi? If I want to use another taxi service I will have to book it 90 minutes in advance?.. What if I’m tired before then? Will I have to call my parents to come pick me up? I definitely won’t be able to stay with friends in halls overnight; maybe I should just go home…

Not much leeway for spontaneity or for socialising.

Has anyone else encountered this with the Freedom Pass?


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