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Hi guys,

Thank you for starting such an important campaign! My name is Shaz and after reading your article on The Guardian I got in contact with Tanvi as I think that the issue of unfair cinema experiences has been overlooked for a very long time!

As a result of my this my friend Cassie and I have been working on a website and app that will allow people to look up a cinema and see what sort of access and view there is in a specific screen, hopefully helping to prevent those nasty surprises of “Oh no, I have to break my neck for the next 140 minutes”, or having to wave at the people you are with because you’re 300 yards away. People can then also add, rate and share their experiences with the rest of the site to help get a real view and hopefully help get a better view altogether!

As I mentioned the site and mobile app is still under development due to a heavy workload at the moment but we will be hoping to launch later on this year. The website is called!

Tanvi had the great suggestion of mentioning it on here and it would be great to hear some of your thoughts and ideas. So please feel free to get in touch!

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