Mayor of London’s Top Accessible Attractions

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I have just read about the Mayor of London’s praise towards Londons top attractions (The London Eye and Tate Gallery) for being voted best accessible attractions. It’s really great to hear attractions are doing what they can to be accessible. I had rather a bad experience at another of London’s Top attractions for not being accessible (not to name any names), a well known wax museum….. Any way lets just say I have not been there for very long time. I mean staff were not that experienced and did not know how to get me around safely without incident lets just say.

It’s good all this is being done to make London more accessible however not everyone has the time nor money to be visiting top attractions, and its up to local government bodies to make places accessible like the local museum, certain cinemas and bowling alleys.

The Mayor is trying his best however time is not all on our side I wish I could go and do more activites in London not having to travel far from my home.

I guess it’s just one attraction at a time.

Matilda I

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