Meet the new Trailblazers Higher Education Ambassador

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Trailblazer Mathy Selvakumaran is 26 years old and has congenital myopathy. She has an undergraduate degree and a Masters in Hispanic Studies from the University of Sheffield.

Mathy is our new Higher Education Ambassador. This means she will act as a spokesperson on issues that affect young disabled students.

Mathy, who is now a freelance filmmaker, has produced a short Vlog to introduce herself. You can watch the Vlog and read the transcript below.



Hi, my name is Mathy and I’m the new Trailblazers Ambassador for Higher Education.

I’ve been at university for more than eight years so I’ve personally experienced many of the issues young disabled people face when entering higher education: struggling to live independently at university, facing physical barriers to lectures and class and even feeling excluded from the social side of university life.

Over the years I’ve spoken to lots of young disabled people looking for help and advice to overcome barriers to education.

I’ve even spoken on BBC Breakfast about the issues that young disabled people face when entering higher education and what can be done to help support them.

I think across the field there’s a lot of things that can be changed to better support disabled students.

I want to tackle accessibility issues, from physical problems such as inaccessible lecture theatres, to attitudinal barriers which make a learning or social environment more difficult and unwelcoming for young disabled people.

I don’t want young disabled people to feel daunted about entering higher education but rather that they are able to fully access their education and have the best higher education experience possible.

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