My experiences looking for work.

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I left school and joined a training centre in my local area and did a NVQ in administration this place was not accessible due to many stairs up to the study areas this course was not completed because of the many problems experienced, so then went to Aylesbury college and studied Travel and Tourism NVQ the access here was good except for a few steps around the college this college has now been rebuilt and has excellent accessibility.


While looking for work I was on Job Seekers Allowance at the same time was referred to the disability advisor however was not seen by the advisor as Aylesbury job centre did not have any one doing the disability advising.


After being on JSA for a while the job centre then put me on the New Deal scheme which is a government employ scheme which helps people get back into work through giving training and facilities to look for work  such as use of computers and local papers on a weekly basis.


Also was sent out to the local town centre to hand in CVs was told to go in to job agencies which in Aylesbury are not accessible which made it difficult I was never told about any help for people with disabilities at all got the impression that the whole your not in a wheelchair your not disabled idea.


Was sent for a medical examination as required, as soon as I saw the medical professional he told me OK with in 5 minutes and said the staff at the job centre should have known more about my long term disability and there was no need to be sent to the medical examination centre.

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