Mystery Jets singer Blaine Harrison on Ouch TV!

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Anybody been to any festivals yet this summer? Well, I haven’t. But I did go to see the Mystery Jets at Somerset House a couple of weekends ago and they were incredible, as was the location, the weather and the liquid refreshments.

Anyway, the Mystery Jets are, in my opinion, ace, and I’ve been bumbling around the place humming and wailing along to their new album for most of the past fortnight. They also have a disabled lead singer and it seems as if he’s got some opinions on disability access at music venues and people’s perceptions of being young and disabled.

In spite of my excessive ‘age-problem’ I still go to see bands and also try to play in one.  From this experience I know for a fact that the venues that most new bands play in are above pubs, in basements and are often really hard to get in to. Anyway, I thought I’d share this with you and see if anyone else plays in a band and finds it hard to get gigs or has disabled friends who can’t make it to the venues to see you play?




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