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Last week, I went to my first nightclub on the Wirral (my hometown),whilst I had an overall good opinion of the club in general and did have a great time with my mates, it did make it clear to me (having been on a few nights out in Liverpool as well)  just how bad access is to disabled toilets.

The first time I went to Liverpool it took me a good 20 minutes to actually find an ‘usable’ loo and even that had no lights (…broken) and what I am guessing was urine on the floor (“Nice”!) ..Finally (after refusing to use that loo again!)  I found weatherpersons which in my experience has always had consistently good disabled toilets. This one being no exception.

When I arrived at the Club (on the Wirral)  I quickly found out that the lift was out of order  which was frustrating at first,  however with the assistance of the bouncers and one of my mates we manged to get in just fine. I was already drunk from a few ‘pre-drinks’  so that took away any embarrassment I may of felt at my wheelchair being carried down and I was ready for the night to begin.

At the end of the the night, after leaving the club and realizing there was no disabled loo I manged to find a ‘secluded area’… I guess I am lucky my bladder has always been pretty good and I avoided having to go in the club where I would of had to try and fit my chair in the gents which lets be honesty wouldn’t of ended well.

I personally have never been interested in using a convene its just not for me, but having gone out more than usually as of late I appreciate why some disabled people use this option. I enjoy nightclubs and will continue to go, if adequate disabled loo are not provided then I guess ‘so be it’. I will always find a way, however whilst I used to ‘slag off’ Pubs in favor of the more ‘alluring’ night club scene, It has made me more appreciative of good disabled toilets that these establishments provide.

Of course some people will think  i’m ‘odd’ but I get a sight sense of fulfillment anytime I find a ‘new’  good disabled loo that suits my needs. I just wish there was more around.

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