Places to go for young disabled people

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Robert Landy

I go to a day centre two days a week and it does not have things for young disabled people to do.  I was just wondering if anyone else has the same issue as me.

I live in London and the day centre is called Lambeth Resource Centre where I teach older people how to use computers. However I am starting to get fed up with it because I find it quite frustrating because I have no one my own age to talk to.

I would like to have access to activities that are more relevant to younger people like me such as karaoke, playstation 3, also dj workshops.  It seems silly when you leave school there is no route into work or places for young disabled people to go. This is even more frustrating because so many places do not have disabled access so that leaves me stuck  with nowhere to go so what do I do about it?

If anyone has any ideas or feels like they are in a similar situation please email back or let me know on this blog  I look forward to hearing from you.

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