SNOW and wheelchair users stranded

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With all this snow over the last 3 weeks the weather has caused major havoc for disabled people who use wheelchairs!
I myself use a powered wheelchair and have been unable to go out the house since the snow started.
Although main roads are being cleared my side street road in Nunthorpe Middlesbrough hasnt been touched once and is getting compacted with snow and ice as it keeps falling then freezing. The pavements are the biggest problem for me. My wheelchair cannot manage when snow is more than a few cm’s. I become stuck or skid which can be very dangerous and frightening.
Over the christmas period I manged to get out once with extreme difficulty to visit family on christmas day.
However this week I have been back to work. I work in a primary school which has been open all week when surrounding schools have been closed. Even with a severe disability I have made it to work when others havent. This is because my dad has been clearing the drive way and then the ramps on the taxi I use to get to work come right over the path so Im not touching the pavement where it is snowy and icy. Except for this journey I am spending the rest of the day stuck at home.
Even if I managed to get to town the streets there havent been cleared either so getting from shop to shop etc would be hazardous.
It is very annoying that nothing is being done to help clear the snow and ice on pavements. I havent seen friends since before christmas as getting to them who are also wheelchair users is just to difficult.
If councils dont begin to start clearing soon I cant see when I will get out onto a pavement!!!

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