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It seems the minute the sun starts shining and the temperature hits a balmy 20 degrees everyone goes crazy. I was recently in Cornwall with a friend and if not for the beautiful weather it could have turned in to a nightmare of all trips! What with random agency care (due to a PA walking out 2 days before the trip) and my wheelchair breaking, resulting in me having to miss out on a BBQ and live music that day, I was also not able to come to London to do a Trailblazers presentation the following day as I had planned. After a few phone calls and some hours of technical stuff (don’t want to bore you) my wheelchair was able to be used. I promptly jumped on the train (albeit on my own, sans PA) and met my other PA in London at 9pm.

Another few tube and DLR journey’s later we were able to crash in the hotel. The next day I began my work experience at the MDC, I started out by finishing contacting the Universities from the Times Top 100 list, asking them to complete a survey on their accessibility for our upcoming  report and APPG for Young Disabled People session on Higher Education. I also had the joyous task of calling MPs (or rather their minions) and inviting them to the Parliamentary launch of the report on access to rare disease drugs. I got one, YES!

I have also had some other exciting news recently about my Canine Partner application (Assistance Dog)…. I have got one! (Well, I will have one in September after a 2 week training course; do you think he can become an honorary member of Trailblazers?) I found this out when I was on my way down to Cornwall and had to make a quick diversion to go and meet ‘Higgins’. Definitely worth the 5 hour diversion, lucky I had some tunage to keep me occupied, although I am not sure my companions enjoyed my singing as much as I did!

My time volunteering at the MDC has been very inspiring and enlightening. It is a great environment to work in and everyone is very welcoming. I hope that I can continue to volunteer in the future, and if you think you might be interested in volunteering then get in touch with Bobby or Tanvi. This is a great way to gain or maintain your skills, and it really helps the MDC.

 In other breaking news… I had been wondering what to do with my PA as a leaving event (she has after all put up with me for a year and a half), I was thinking…. Theatre, going for a meal or even a gig…. But after careful consideration and a bit more crazy SUMMER MADNESS I have decided that we are going to Paris for a few days!

 Au Revoir!

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