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The following is a blog by Trailblazer Mithun Soul:


There are lots of different technological innovations such as Tecla shield, environment controls etc. Technology is changing all of the time.

The most talked about technology of the last two months is Be My Eyes, because it caught the attention of Twitter and Square founder Jack Dorsey.

Be my eyes makes life easier for the blind and visually impaired by pairing them up with sighted volunteers through a smart phone app. It allows the blind and visually impaired to do any task with the help of a working pair of eyes who get the joy of helping, making them feel good about themselves.

Through a direct video call the app gives the blind and visually impaired the opportunity to ask the volunteer for help with everyday tasks that require normal vision.

The sighted volunteer is then able to see and describe what the blind of visually impaired person is pointing their phone app.

It only takes one minute to read a label on a tin can and get the relevant information such as the expiry date or chose the right food in the fridge, read a letter etc.

If you have full vision, the blind or visually impaired can do smaller and bigger tasks and challenges in their own home without the need to struggle on their own, which Be My Eyes help to change their difficulty.

I think this is a great technology that helped over  2000 users as well as over 13,000 volunteers who have kindly offered help.

It is a free app that anybody can get access to

I think the next technology should be google driverless cars, because I believe it will help disabled people who are unable to use adapted driver controls for people with duchenne muscular dystrophy or other muscle wasting conditions.

In my personal experience, this would enable the user to be more independent, which will be beneficial for me with carers who are unable to drive instead of the need to use public transport or private hire vehicles.


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