The Difficulties Of Finding Jobs In West Yorkshire

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 As a young person living in West Yorkshire I believe that my biggest challenge this year has been trying to find paid employment. Ever since September, I have signed up for many job websites where I could apply for jobs and I have also used the job centre website. The jobs I have tried to apply for have been office or call centre jobs as I have some experience in that area.

Not only have I been looking for jobs but I have been looking for apprenticeships, apprenticeships, however, are very hard to find for adults who are 25. I’ve discovered to my frustration that once you reach 25 there isn’t really anything out there to help you find employment. I have gone to careers advice to get my CV looked at and have tried to get it up to date hoping that this would help me find a job but have not had much luck. I have even been to Pathways, an organization that helps disabled people find work and even though I have found some advice quite helpful the work still can’t be found.

I’m now preparing to go on a government program called Work Choice that is supposed to help disabled people find work, but I am not very optimistic about its success either. As I’ve been applying for jobs I realize that it is very competitive as many people sometimes are applying for the same job or even similar jobs.

The frustration of getting nowhere I find has sometimes led to a bit of desperation as I began applying for things that as a visually impaired person I would have found very unrealistic. For example sales work and a job where I would have had to provide practical support to people with learning disabilities. I only seemed to be thinking about the money side of it and not whether I’d like the job or even if I’d be happy in the job I was applying for.

Even though the advisors at Pathways haven’t been able to help me find work I believe that they have helped me focus and have given me plenty of helpful suggestions. Because of their guidance and support I have had a complete career direction change and am now focussing on getting experience through volunteering that will lead me into a job where I am providing different client groups with advice and information.

If I had never gone to an organization like Pathways I probably wouldn’t have thought of a career like that. I’ve since done research into different charities and what they do, that I’ve found rewarding and enjoyable.

At the moment working as a volunteer seems to be providing me with the most luck as the work is easy to find and the experience gained will be invaluable in the future.

Tmara Senior, Dewsbury

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