UNCRPD Involvement Event

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On 26th February, my good friend from University, Danny, and I went to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) UNCRPD Involvement Event. It was an event hosted by the EHRC about working together under the UN Disability Convention in England and Wales, and what the Convention is and why it is important for disabled people in Britain.

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I was there as part of my role as London Regional Ambassador for Trailblazers, and it found the day quite informative though the presentations were very boring. When are people going to stop using PowerPoint? The event was a good opportunity to get a greater understanding about the Convention and should be really helpful for a project Danny and I are working on.

Also, I learned some interesting facts about disability and the Convention. For example, the recent fact we discovered (according to the UN) that “disabled people are the largest minority in the world, with over one (1) billion people, or approximately 15% of the world population, living with some form of disability.”

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By Sulaiman Khan, Trailblazers‘ London Regional Ambassador

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