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Well… Summer was a nice semi-break.  I got doing a few promotions with Tesco, which was great to put my hand in and earn the money for the equipment I’ve gotten from the partnership.  I also had my cousin over from England, so it’s never all work in this place!


The summer finally saw a break in boredom for local residents though, as Downpatrick finally got a cinema.  Eclipse opened their doors at the end of June in time for schools closing, and the managers now all officially know me on first term basis.  Parking is slightly tricky with the slightly askew placing of lighting poles over disabled parking places.  Apart from that, and the lack of any toilets in the whole of the North of Ireland with a hoist and bench, Eclipse is probably the most accessible leisure venue in my vacinity.  It’s not the only venue I’ve surveyed, but definately one of the most impressive.


I was nominated for a Daily Mail Young Achievers Award on account of my work with Trailblazers in Northern Ireland by the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice.  I also appeared on the September edition of Lifeline, a national charity appeal for Hospice UK.  I’m sure everybody will agree that it’s a great cause, and rather not a hospice as people percieve it to be.


During exam results release, I had 4 full working days with three people in my office, constantly on the phone trying to get me sorted out.  Because I did not have three A-Levels, I could not persue the degree course I wanted too thanks to some discrimination which occured in 2007.  However, after a week-long haul, about 20 cups of tea with two sugars every day, I finally got enrolled in HND Broadcast Journalism at Belfast Metripolitan College [previously known as BIFHE].  Overall, service has been good despite being two months in and no Zoomlink for my hearing aid and only recieving my computing equipment four weeks ago.  I have to say though, my teachers have all been fantastic.


I met HRH Princess Anne on Friday the 13th of November during an event in Belfast to mark the 10th anniversary of the Equality Commission here.  I feature in the Ten Year Publication, and was invited to the event.  It was great to hear Princess Anne say she has heard of the work of the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, and it was an honor to meet somebody of such high stature and significance.  I also met with a government official there, and he said there would be opportunities for me to be present at the launching of significant documents.  He, too, had heard of our work!


That’s all for now — take care guys and Happy Holidays!

Michaela xx

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