Work Experience with the Trailblazers: Romina Puma

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London Trailblazer Romina Puma is a stand-up comedian and disability campaigner. She has been performing internationally for over eight years. She is currently an ambassador for the young disabled campaign group Trailblazers and has done numerous TV and radio interviews, particularly on the topic of sex and disability.

I left school at 15 and have worked since then, until four years ago when my condition got worse. I was working as a waitress and it was not possible anymore to carry on. At the moment I keep myself busy as a volunteer in charities along with several other things I enjoy doing, such as stand-up comedy, blogging, campaigning. I’m hoping that one day all this will become my job!

Trailblazers at Muscular Dystrophy UK, gave me a great opportunity to do three days’ work experience in their office. It was great! Everyone was very supportive and helpful. I was given tasks such as phone calls, research, blogging and more. I managed to write two blogs, along with the other tasks. Through this I gained more confidence in my writing. In fact, since then I’ve set up my own website where I post my stand-up gigs and blogs. I’m thankful for this opportunity and feel it could be the beginning of something.

It also gave me the chance to understand how the combination of a commute and a day at work would affect me. Living with muscular dystrophy it is very important to know your limits in order not to exhaust yourself. All the things I do are planned in advance, with days of rest in between, which is a skill you have to learn.

I’ve also been invited to attend the next Trailblazers Employment Skills Workshop. I attended it last time and it was really interesting to hear all the stories from the speakers, who all have fantastic careers. It pushed me  to work harder on my projects. It is really important to do networking, you never know what is going to happen next and you might need that person, who has got the skills, to help you out with your new project.

I have never been really good at CV writing. But, after the networking and discussions, there was a whole session about how to build a great CV. It was very helpful for me, as it’s always been such a disaster before but now I know how to do it!

I am definitely planning to attend the next meeting in a few weeks to learn more. One of the speakers works in the kind of same sector I want to work in, so I cannot wait to hear her story and ask her if she has got any tips for me.

If you’d like to do work experience for Trailblazers please contact Isabel Baylis on or 020 7803 2889. Read more and sign up to our next Employment Skills Workshop here

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