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Almost 250,000 people are estimated to need a Changing Places toilet in the UK.  This includes:

  • 40,000 people with profound and multiple learning disabilities
  • 130,000 older people
  • 30,000 people with cerebral palsy
  • 13,000 people with an acquired brain injury
  • 8,500 people with Multiple Sclerosis
  • 8,000 people with Spina Bifida
  • 500 people with Motor Neurone Disease

An estimated 70,000 people live with a muscle-wasting condition in the UK.  Many of those would benefit from the use of a Changing Places toilet.

There are almost 1,000 Changing Places toilets in the UK today.

The #FitToBurst campaign

To take part in the #FitToBurst campaign, you can:

  • Tweet local businesses asking them to install a Changing Places toilet, tagging @MD_Trailblazers in the tweet
  • Tweet your local elected representatives to ask them to do a #FitToBurst challenge and support our call for more Changing Places toilets
  • Share the memes on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms using the hashtag to spread the word
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