Facebook Q&A on adaptations and Disabled Facilities Grants

Event Date
16 November 2017
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On Thursday 16 November our in house OT and Advocacy and Information officer in Northern Ireland, Demelza Stuart, will be on hand to answer your questions on the topic of adaptations and about accessing Disabled Facilities Grants (scheme of assistance in Scotland). You can ask about either of these topics or share your own experiences on the Facebook Q&A. If you are unable to make this date please leave your questions on the event and we will answer when the Q&A goes live.

Making sure that your home has the appropriate adaptations when either you or a family member has a muscle-wasting condition is important to ensure as much independence as possible. It can be important to plan ahead and communicate with a local team to ensure you are getting the right adaptations for your needs.

You are able to read our extensive information on adaptations throughout the home. This information was put together with the expertise of specialist Occupational Therapists and Muscular Dystrophy UK. You can access the full guide here.

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If you have any urgent queries in regards to adaptations or Disabled Facilities Grants please contact our advocacy team who can assist you. You can call our helpline on 0800 652 6352 or email info@musculardystrophyuk.org.

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