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A team MDUK runner has just crossed the line of a half marathon. A girl next to her has her arm around her shoulders and is hugging her. There are lots of runners out of focus in the background of the image.



Wear your boldest, brightest look on March 2024. Help brighten the future for people in the UK living with a muscle wasting condition.

Three steps to Go Bright

Support event

Get your school, workplace or community group to Go bright or host an event at your home.

Spread the word

Ask for donations to dress up. Use your fun event to raise awareness of muscle wasting and weakening conditions.

Go Bright

Our official #GoBright day is on Friday 1 March but you can choose another day if it suits you better.

How to go bright at school

We’re asking schools to Go Bright by wearing one bright thing. This could be as small as a sock, hairband or belt. Or you could go all out with a whole outfit and accessories!

There are lots of ways to raise money on top of donations for dressing up. Older students could organise a bake sale and teachers can use our Go Bright sweepstake in the staff room.

How to go bright at WORK

Dress down Friday or workplace style contest? Channel your inner fashionista and wear your boldest, brightest look to work. Ask your colleagues to donate and dress up to help brighten the future for children and adults living with a muscle wasting condition in the UK.

How to go bright IN YOUR COMMUNITY

Dress up party or colourful fashion contest? Wear your boldest, brightest look on 1 March 2024. Help brighten the future for people living in the UK with a muscle wasting condition.

The impact your fundraising has

Can provide alert cards to people living with muscle wasting conditions, so vital information about their healthcare needs is available in an medical emergency.
Can fund laboratory equipment to help researchers investigate new treatments for people with living with muscle wasting conditions.
Can provide three days helpline support from a member of our staff.


Our Mission

We share expert advice and support people to live well now.
We fund groundbreaking research to understand the different conditions better and lead us to new treatments.
We work with the NHS towards universal access to specialist healthcare.
Together, we campaign for people’s rights, better understanding, accessibility, and access to treatments.

Our values

Stronger together

We believe in the power of community. That the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Because the more of us who come together, the greater the impact we’ll make. We inspire collaboration across our whole community. Staff and volunteers. Scientists and supporters. Friends and family. Healthcare professionals, other charities, and our corporate partners. We champion Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Through the way we work and inclusive engagement with the whole community.

Forward thinking

There are over 60 different muscle wasting and weakening conditions. That’s more than 110,000 unique individuals. Plus all the people around us. We’re here for every single one. Whoever you are. Wherever you’re from. You are our sole focus. We set ourselves clear targets and measure our impact. We don’t mince our words. We say what we think.

Here for you

We believe in the power of kindness. We are here for everyone, but we know support isn’t one-size-fits-all. We take the time to listen to every individual, so we can tailor our support to you. We are all about the people who make up our community. The people living with muscle wasting and weakening conditions and those around us. Our friends and family, healthcare professionals and scientists. We share real life stories at every opportunity. Human authenticity. Real words. Real images.

Never Stop

We’ve already made advances that would have been unthinkable just 10 years ago, and we are determined to go even further and faster. We’re here for each other. At every stage of life. We advocate on behalf of our community by amplifying our voices. Raising awareness of the challenges we face and how we’ll overcome them. We have momentum and we’re going places. Every day counts.

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