Gift Aid Frequently Asked questions

Gift Aid is a simple way to increase the value of your gift to Muscular Dystrophy UK – at no extra cost to you. If you pay tax in the UK, Muscular Dystrophy UK can reclaim the basic rate tax (25%) on your gift. So, if you donate £100, it is worth £125 to us.

Gift Aid is a government scheme that allows charities to reclaim the tax that you have already paid on your donations through income tax or capital gains tax.
Most donations from individuals made in the last four years are eligible for the scheme, unless made using an alternative tax effective scheme such as Payroll Giving, or via the Charities Aid Foundation or similar agency. Regular gifts such as standing orders and direct debits can certainly be included in Gift Aid claims made by charities.

In order for Muscular Dystrophy UK to reclaim the tax you have paid on your donations, you must have paid income or capital gains tax (in the UK) for each tax year (6 April to 5 April) at least equal to the tax that all the charities or Community Amateur Sports Clubs that you donate to will reclaim on your gifts for that tax year. Other taxes such as VAT and Council Tax do not qualify.

You are a UK tax payer if:
• Tax is taken from your wages or pension before you receive them
• You have to fill in a self-assessment form
• You have any taxable savings (in a Building Society, for instance), or a pension plan, or investment income
• you have recently paid any capital gains tax, or expect to pay it in the near future. This could be on the sale of a property or some shares, for example.
If any of these apply to you, please complete and submit your declaration today.

The process is simple – all you have to do is make a Gift Aid declaration. You can complete and submit your form online, or download it here and send it to us. Alternatively, you can contact us on 020 7803 4800 and we’ll send you a form through the post.
If you are donating online, just tick the Gift Aid box on the donation form.

The declaration gives Muscular Dystrophy UK the authority to reclaim tax from the Inland Revenue on your gift. By making the Gift Aid declaration, you are confirming that you understand this.

Nothing at all. It just ensures that if you choose to donate to Muscular Dystrophy UK, we can claim an extra 25% back from the government.

Please call Supporter Services on 020 7803 4800 who will be able to record details of this change.

Your gifts are still eligible for Gift Aid, but we need both your details separately for our records. Please contact Supporter Services on 020 7803 4800 and we will be able to arrange this for you.

How can Muscular Dystrophy reclaim 25% when the basic rate of tax is currently 20%?
This is because the basic rate of tax is calculated on the gross amount of the donation, i.e. we can reclaim 20% of the amount you earned before tax was deducted from you – and this works out to 25% of the amount that we receive.

We can only claim back tax at the basic rate, but that is still worth 25% extra on your donations to us, so please do complete and return a declaration anyway.
If you pay higher rate tax, you can claim the difference between the higher rate of tax and the basic rate of tax on the total (gross) value of your donation to Muscular Dystrophy UK. All you have to do is remember to include details of your charitable gifts on your self-assessment tax form to claim your additional personal tax relief of 20%. We would suggest speaking to your accountant if you would like to do this.

There’s no catch. It really is that easy. Giving us a declaration will enable us to make your donation worth more without costing you anything.

You can call Supporter Services on 020 7803 or please visit the HMRC for more information about Gift Aid.


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