Do something … crafty

#BeFestive this year and do something crafty for MDUK.

Use your creative skills and make something special to sell to raise funds and help MDUK to be here for every adult and child in the UK who lives with a muscle-wasting condition. You can make crackers or wreaths, knit a festive jumper or letter-box topper, or create your own festive cards, Or, you can #BeFestive like Gillian Beaton from Edinburgh, who makes, sells and teaches others to make Christmas wreaths and crackers.

Over the last four years, Gillian has raised over £2,500 through her craft-work; all for her brother’s Family Fund, Georgie’s Genes. Georgie has LMNA CMD, a rare form of congenital muscular dystrophy.

It is not a family tradition or anything – I was just inspired by the class I went to a few years ago, and it went from there. I did one virtual wreath making class during the pandemic but mostly I sell my packs for others to make wreaths and crackers.

Here are Gillian’s top tips for making a sustainable festive wreath:

  • buy online or make dry orange segments 
  • search for cinnamon sticks in Asian supermarkets or in the foreign food aisle at the supermarket 
  • buy floral wire 
  • tell all your friends on Facebook.

You can read more about Gillian’s festive, crafty fundraising here

So choose your craft, decide whether you’ll make something to sell or you’ll offer craft lessons, and get planning. #BeFestive like Gillian and do something crafty for MDUK.

How to take part

  • Choose your crafty event.
  • Sign up here, and we’ll send you helpful hints and tips. We’ll support you in all your festive fundraising.
  • Ask your friends, family, and work colleagues to support you.
  • Take lots of pictures on the day and share them on social media. Use #BeFestive, tag MDUK and join in the fun.
  • #BeFestive and have the best time!