It's Game On

Join gamers across the UK in a mission like no other and support our vital work, by taking part in MDUK’s gaming challenge.


Martin Hywood living with Limb Girdle muscular dystrophy:

One thing I haven’t mentioned until now is what video games truly mean to me, why are they so important to me? Well, they mean the world. They are a leveller, my disability is non-existent in the gaming world, I am equal. 

Create your challenge by choosing your console, which game you’ll play, and how long your gaming marathon will last. Whether it’s for six, 12 or 24 hours, we’ll support you in using JustGiving and Twitch to stream your fundraiser to friends, family and fans. And, by raising money, your mission will help ours, to find effective treatments and cures for all muscle-wasting conditions.


Choose which console or PC you are going to play on

And which game you can play for so many hours in a row. Is there a new release that you can jump on the hype for?

Create your challenge

How long will you game for? Choose a gaming marathon that will challenge you, so those donations can come pouring in.

Plan when you’ll take on your marathon

When can you fit it in around other responsibilities, and when’s the best time for your support network of friends and family to be there to cheer you on? Getting your gaming friends to join you for sections is a great idea, especially if you’re planning a lengthy game-a-thon.


Click to sign up now to be taken to our Its Game On JustGiving Campaign

Click start fundraising to log in or set up your JustGiving account, set up your fundraising page and start raising money.


Share your challenge

Use WhatsApp, email, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to share your gaming challenge and JustGiving page. Make sure everyone knows what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Top tip – sign up to Twitch to stream your marathon. Link your account to Facebook, Twitter and JustGiving to keep everyone in on the action. Don’t forget to tag MDUK in your social posts too.


It’s Game ON!

Plan to eat and drink things that are healthy and will give you energy while gaming, and take regular breaks. Most of all, enjoy! You’re doing something amazing.

Stories from our gamers

Rianna Game On






Rianna has been a keen gamer since she was younger and decided to fundraise for MDUK for the cause close to her heart. Read her story here.