Here’s a challenge that will not only take you to new heights, but will help step up the fight against muscle-wasting conditions. Scale the height of one of the world’s most famous landmarks, from your own home or local community and in your own time, and give your physical and mental health a lift.

By stepping up for MDUK, you’ll also help keep our innovative research into effective treatments for muscle-wasting conditions moving ahead.



Five easy steps

Step one

Choose your challenge: you can scale The Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Shard, The Burj Khalifa, or you can choose your own tall landmark. (We can give you the height or equivalent number of steps.)

Step two

Choose how to ascend the height of your landmark: you can climb the stairs at home, conquer a local hill, or move up a ramp. Whatever works best for you.

Step three

Decide when to climb: you can step up to the top of your landmark in one day, or spread it out over a number of days or weeks.

Step four

Keep track of how high you’ve stepped up: you can do this by using a free fitness app like Strava or using a wearable fitness tracker. We’ll send you a guide so you know how this works.

Step five

Send us proof: once you’ve scaled your heights, let us know how many metres or steps you’ve covered, and we’ll send you your free Step Up for MDUK medal.

Once you’ve signed up and set up your Facebook fundraising page, you’ll be invited to join the Step Up from MDUK Facebook page. Your handy fundraising guide will give you hints and tricks on how to raise money for people affected by muscle-wasting conditions, whilst taking on your challenge!

Top tips

  • Get the whole family to step up – do a relay with your parents
  • Challenge your colleagues or friends to step up, and see who can climb the highest.
  • Send us videos and pictures when you step up, and we’ll celebrate our top fundraisers.


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