The Supersonic 4.7 Challenge in support of Super Sammy's Fund

From September, dream up an activity based around the numbers 4.7 or 47 and fundraise or donate towards Super Sammy's Fund.



10 years ago, Sammy De Laszlo was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) at the age of three. DMD affects about one in 3,500 to 5,000 males at birth and there is currently no cure. 

Most of us have dystrophin proteins which create muscle in our bodies, however, a person with DMD is missing this crucial protein. A mutation in the gene that produces the protein dystrophin means that Sammy’s body cannot produce enough to repair his muscles. And so, Sammy’s muscles are gradually wasting. 

Sammy has a huge deletion of genes 1 – 47, which is the equivalent of removing half a jigsaw puzzle.  

The Idea:

In a bid to help spread awareness and raise funds for research, Sammy’s family want to mark his 10-year anniversary with a fun challenge.  They have come up with the 4.7 Super Sonic Challenge which is inspired by Sammy’s love for Sonic the Hedgehog and the genes Sammy is missing, 1-47.  

The De Laszlo family are asking people to dream up an activity based around the numbers 4.7 or 47, and fundraise or donate towards Sammy’s Super Fund. The money raised will be split 80:20, 80% towards scientific research into treatments and cures for Sammy’s condition, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and 20% will go into Sammy’s welfare fund for the family to use to support his extra needs. 

The 4.7 Super Sonic Challenge is open to anyone of any age and is a simple and fun way for everyone to do their bit to help raise awareness and funds for muscle-wasting conditions.  

Getting involved:

This is a sponsored challenge for all ages and abilities. All you need to do is think of an activity based around the numbers 47 or 4.7 that suits your skills, and complete it between September and the end of the year. This could be something as simple as pledging to run 4.7 miles as your daily exercise to doing 47 minutes of yoga, juggling, dancing, or swimming for 47 minutes or maybe just 4.7 minutes non-stop.  Then, to get your friends or family involved, challenge them to take part in a sponsored activity too.  

Choose your challenge and get involved!