Abbi’s campaign – one in a million

Gary and Sarah Bennett, whose daughter, Abbi, has Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy, started a fundraising committee which they called Abbi’s campaign – one in a million. The name refers to their beautiful daughter and the rare nature of the genetic condition she has which affects only one in every one million babies born.

Abbi, was born in February 2008. By six months she wasn’t crawling or pulling herself up as other babies do and after various tests and a biopsy, in April 2011 Abbi was diagnosed with Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy.

While Abbi can walk, she cannot run or jump and she struggles to get up from a seated position.  But she is an intelligent and very determined little girl, who sees the best in life and in people, and copes with her condition in a way that is constantly commended by her peers and family alike. It was Abbi who inspired the people around her to fundraise for the charity.

Gary and Sarah decided to start their own fundraising committee to support Muscular Dystrophy UK. They keep their supporters updated about what they are doing, where their money is going and what Abbi has been up to through Facebook and Twitter, which also helps them to raise awareness of muscular dystrophy and the impact it has on families in the UK and indeed the rest of the world.

Our main supporters at the moment are family, friends and work colleagues, all of whom have shown us a kind of generosity that we could only dream of.

The committee have organised a variety of fundraising events. In 2012 Gary skydived for Make today count, and dived with sharks. One of their major fundraisers, Liam Barnes, is doing four runs for them and another, John Darby, has organised a quiz night.

Read more about Abbi’s Campaign

Fragile and Frail: Birmingham’s one-in-a-million battler – aged just four, Birmingham Mail, 28 October 2012

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Abbi won ‘Young Fundraiser of the Year 2017’ at the Pride of Birmingham Awards this year for fundraising with MDUK.

How you can help

Muscular Dystrophy UK has been supporting families affected by Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophy since 1959 funding research to find a treatment for this condition. With your help we can continue to fund research which could improve the lives of individuals living with this condition.

Setting up a family fund, like Abbi’s campaign, is a great way to fundraise for Muscular Dystrophy UK to keep our vital research moving forward. Find out more about our Family Funds.

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