Warren and Alexandra Ashurst have set up Euan’s Gift to raise funds to help their son Euan and provide support to Muscular Dystrophy UK.

Two years ago, Warren and Alexandra took Euan to see a physiotherapist as they had growing concerns over his physical progress. A further appointment with a specialist at Leeds General Infirmary confirmed their worst fears –  Euan had the severe muscle-wasting condition Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Warren and Alexandra said:

When we found out we can honestly say it felt like the world that we knew had ended. We were very lucky to have supportive family and friends, and we were put in contact with a great specialist care advisor. We know not everyone has that help and we would like to raise money to make sure they get the same vital advice and support that we received and are still receiving.

Funds raised through Euan’s Gift will help Muscular Dystrophy UK fund specialist care advisor posts, so they can continue to provide vital care and support to other families affected by muscle-wasting conditions such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Warren and Alexandra will also use some of the funds raised to ensure Euan can lead a full life and receive the best possible care.

How you can help:

Setting up a family fund, like Euan’s Gift, is a great way to fundraise for the Muscular Dystrophy UK to keep our vital research moving forward. Find out more about our family funds.

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