Nicola's Ninjas

Nicola’s Ninjas is a Family Fund set up by Diane, Nicola’s mother, with the goal of raising funds for more research into Congenital muscular dystrophy, as well as funding valuable support for her.

As Nicola reached her first birthday, she wasn’t reaching milestones normally associated with the development of a young child, such as crawling, rolling over, or being able to lift her head up.

The family were referred to see Dr Horrocks at the Fraser of Allander Centre at the old Yorkhill hospital in June 2006, and about a week later Nicola’s blood results came back with her diagnosis: Congenital Muscular Dystrophy. She was 18 months old.

Nicola’s mother, Diane, says:

Both David (Nicola’s father) and myself were numb and heartbroken as all the dreams that you have for your little girl just go out the window, and you start think what kind of future does she have?

Nicola’s physio, Gill Marshall, has been fantastic in showing us and the school exercises that she must do every day but also being a great support and sounding board.

In 2014 Nicola received an operation to help straighten her feet and ankles in order for her to be able to get her feet flat and wear shoes.

One thing that hasn’t changed though is Nicola’s strong will and positivity.

Nicola is an excellent singer and will sing constantly around the house. She has also sung solos in the nativity for her Sunday School. She loves playing with her brothers and chasing them round the garden. She loves to read, go to the theatre and to watch Strictly Come Dancing. She is a great swimmer and can easily swim 200 metres, in a backward butterfly. She is a very social able 10-year-old who has a lot of friends who all look out for her and are very protective.

Diane, Nicola and the rest of their friends and family have plenty of fundraising planned including their annual children’s disco, ladies tea-party and adult only charity disco night!


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Net proceeds from Nicola's Ninjas fundraising will go towards research into Congenital muscular dystrophy


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