Efren, affectionately known as Renzo by his family, was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy in December 2014.

Efren does have some mobility issues, struggling to walk, get up and down stairs and finds it difficult to take part in physical activities. This doesn’t stop him enjoying everything he does and he always tries his best.

Efren goes boxing with his brother where the trainers there have adapted exercises and activities to ensure Efren can always take part. Efren loves to watch baseball and loves batting practice with his dad and brother and with plenty of time and practice, and a bit of support from others, Efren is able to be a part of this activity.

Efren attends cycling on a Sunday at his local running track. Trafford Wheelers allows everyone of all abilities to take part with a wide range of bikes, trikes, tandems and seated bikes. This has been of great benefit to Efren as he is not able to use a conventional bike.

Efren is a bright and outgoing boy who is loved by everyone who meets him. He has a passion for Manchester City football club and WWE wrestling and is also a huge fan of the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team. Efren’s other great passion is movies and music. He is a big fan of Michael Caine and The Italian Job is one of his favourite movies. His favourite bands are Echo and the Bunnymen and The Cure, although he loves lots of music of all kinds.

Efren has the love and support of his friends and large family, as well as his local community, especially his Mum Maggie, Dad Dave, sisters Aleka, Nissa and Mireille and his big brother Caspar.

Efren is currently taking supplements and has started steroids to give him some help with his mobility. This has become part of his daily routine and so far he seems to be taking well to this adjustment.

The support of Muscular Dystrophy UK has been invaluable to those supporting Efren and so the Raise For Renzo family fund was set up to help to pay for research, advice, support and information that Muscular Dystrophy UK offers people affected by muscle wasting conditions with funds directed to the charity through a Just Giving page.

So far there has been a cake sale set up by Efren’s brother Caspar, training for a 60 mile bike ride for Manchester to Blackpool that has already had many donations and two charity night events featuring a retro disco and a live band with more events planned in the future.

More information about fundraising is available on the Raise for Renzo Facebook page and Twitter account.

How you can help

Setting up a family fund like Raise for Renzo is a great way to fundraise for Muscular Dystrophy UK to keep our vital research moving forward. Find out more about our family funds.


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