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Defeating Duchenne – Kerr's Cause

Kerr lives in Falkirk with his mum and dad Alyson and Alistair. In 2015 Kerr was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and his parents have set up Defeating Duchenne – Kerr’s Cause to raise money in Kerr’s name

Kerr is your average cheeky boy who loves to get up to mischief and run around touching everything he shouldn’t.

Alyson said,

It became apparent to us that Kerr wasn’t quite as able as other children his age to get up and down stairs, to stand up from sitting on the floor or to get around as quickly and easily. We spoke to the health visitor who referred him for physio. He was then referred by the physio to a paediatrician who did some blood tests. The results of the blood tests showed muscle disease, most likely to be Duchenne muscular dystrophy and full genetics testing confirmed this. Our life as we knew it changed completely, the realisation that the life we had always thought our son would have, would never happen for him and the enormity of what lies ahead is overwhelming. Kerr is too young to fully understand his condition but he knows that he has muscles that don’t work properly and that’s why he has to take his special medicine.

They are taking a positive approach as a family and are trying not to focus too much on the future but to concentrate on the here and now.

They plan to fundraise as much as possible and are hopeful that by supporting the research into this condition that an effective treatment and ultimately a cure can be found that will allow Kerr, and other boys in his position, to enjoy a better future.

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Net proceeds from Defeating Duchenne Kerrs Cause will be split 80/20% with 80% going to research into Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and 20% to the families welfare needs

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