Duchenne Research Breakthrough Fund

Muscular Dystrophy UK is committed to accelerating the pace in development of effective treatments for the devastating muscle-wasting condition Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Thanks to the support of UK families and other donors, for more than 50 years we have played a vital role in funding the research and clinical evidence underpinning developments to date, including laying the foundations for the exon skipping technology and utrophin upregulation approach, now being taken forward by pharmaceutical companies into clinical trial.

The fund

Scientific research is now at a critical stage. To win the fight we established the Duchenne Research Breakthrough Fund with three goals.  The fund had an initial investment target of £1.6 million by 2015; this investment has now grown to almost £5.9milion by 2020 with £2.5 million spent to date and a further £3.4 million committed to be raised and invested.

You can read about the impact the Duchenne Research Breakthrough Fund has had on the lives of people in the UK living with Duchenne, by taking a look at our infographic

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Our promise

We are committed to delivering our promise to all supporters of the Duchenne Research Breakthrough Fund.

Your support

This research would not be possible without individual donations, family fundraising activities, trusts and corporate support. Find out how you can support the Fund.

If you would like to get involved with fundraising we would love to hear from you, please call us on 0300 012 0172 or email volunteerfundraising@musculardystrophyuk.org.

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