Muscular Dystrophy UK is committed to accelerating the pace in development of effective treatments for the devastating muscle-wasting condition Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

To win the fight we established the Duchenne Research Breakthrough Fund with three goals. The fund had an initial investment target of £1.6 million by 2015; this investment has now grown to almost £5.9milion by 2020 with £2.5 million spent to date and a further £3.4 million committed to be raised and invested.

To date through the Duchenne Research Breakthrough Fund the charity has invested almost £2.5million into a comprehensive work programme which has included 24 different research projects, work to ensure clinical trial infrastructure, and parliamentary campaigning activity to obtain access to newly emerging treatments.

Our plans to invest funds from the Duchenne Research Breakthrough Fund into cutting-edge science are:


By 2020 with your support we will invest a further £3.4 million into world-class research, in boosting clinical trial capacity in the UK and the important campaigning activity that will ensure patients in the UK have access to emerging treatments.


Research we are currently funding

This includes:

Paving the way to new clinical trials

Professor Kay Davies – Identifying small molecules for Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Professor George Dickson – Moving closer to a gene therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Professor Francesco Muntoni and Dr Francesco Conti – Genome editing to repair duplications in Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Professor Volker Straub – Investigating the effect of Duchenne muscular dystrophy on the brain

Read about all the research we are currently funding to find an effective treatment – and ultimately a cure – for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Dr Claire Wood – Investigating the effects of duchenne muscular dystrophy on bone developement

Professor Matthew Wood – Using molecular patches to prevent heart muscle disease in duchenne muscular dystrophy

Professor Richard Piercy – a new animal model of duchenne muscular dystrophy

Dr Linda Popplewell – developing genetic therapies for duchenne muscular dystrophy 

Dr Shuko Joseph – studying bone health in boys with duchenne muscular dystrophy

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